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SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Search Improvements – Nov 2014 CU

One of our ace lead consultants, RGB or Roydon Gyles-Bedford, alerted our team of some great improvements made to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 on-premises. These 2 important new updates can be found in the November 2014 CU – #1 – Search can now index office documents embedded in other office documents! Example – you have a Word […]

SharePoint 2013 Search: JavaScript CSOM Primer

A lot of JavaScript incoming! With the rise of SharePoint Online, custom search solutions through JavaScript have become a staple for the development work for clients. While a lot of your search basics can be handled through simple modification of Display Templates (see some of my previous blogs for some basics there), the opportunity still […]

Using Pagination with Asynchronous Keyword Queries

Recently, I finished development on a SharePoint 2013 provider-hosted app that uses Keyword Query Language and the SharePoint Search API to run asynchronous queries against a site collection to grab all of the site collections under that domain name. What I found almost most troubling was figuring out a way not just to display these […]

SP2013 Search Display Templates Semi-Deep Dive

If you’ve stumbled around display templates in SharePoint 2013 Search, you’ve probably run into these following JavaScript do-dads: ctx.RenderBody(ctx)  -> (standard search results Display Template) ctx.RenderBody(ctx)   -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderFooter(ctx)  -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderHeader(ctx) –> (hover panel Display Template) You can find these methods on items such as Item_Default.html, Item_PDF.html, Item_Word.html, […]