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How many Personal sites do I have in my O365 tenant?

Personal sites (formerly known as My Sites) are provisioned on demand in Office 365. Only when the user first clicks e.g. their OneDrive link in the suite bar is their personal site actually provisioned. This was a prudent architectural decision on Microsoft’s part to not provision space until it is actually needed. Anybody who managed […]

Office 365 & SharePoint Online – Customize the Suite Bar

The Suite Bar is the thin blue bar that runs at the very top of your Office 365 window with your Outlook, Calendar, People, Yammer, OneDrive, and Sites links. Its your primary navigation to all the different services in your Office 365 Suite of products. Have you ever wished the bar wasn’t blue? Have you […]

Development and Deployment for SharePoint Online

DevOps for SharePoint Online (Office 365)

With the rapidly evolving migration to the cloud SharePoint teams are faced with a new challenge: How do we develop and deploy for SharePoint Online? If your feet have been firmly planted with on-premises development for SharePoint it can be a little daunting trying to move your process to the cloud. Where and how should […]

Office 365 – SharePoint Online Admin Overview

One of the best benefits to Office 365 is the continuous updates and improvements to the platform. We no longer need a sever release, service pack, or hotfix. We get new releases when Microsoft is ready to make them live in the cloud. Recently, we’ve gotten Document Conversations and Office for iPad; and we will be seeing Office […]