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Retrieving SharePoint List Column Managed Metadata (JavaScript)

This is a quickie, but can be useful for those accessing SharePoint Managed Metadata from the Client Side. Often when you’re pulling back data from SharePoint lists, you’ll get a full-fledged object back rather than a single field value (and yes I ran into this while working on some fancy calls in a Display Template). […]

Cannot modify SharePoint list views with tracing enabled

I was debugging an issue with a heavily customized SharePoint site where users were unable to save any changes they made to SharePoint list views. Since this was a heavily customized site with several custom list definitions, my initial thought was that we may have botched a list definition or two and made these lists […]

Searching a SharePoint Document Library or List View Web Part Using SharePoint Designer

I was asked to add a search in a library using SharePoint Online that would bring the results in a “Grid View,” which essentially meant we want to filter our list items and we don’t want to use the default search at the top of the page (This Site: ___). Originally I read a post […]