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Ignite 2015 Recap – Top 3 Sessions to Replay

Welcome back from a great Ignite Conference! By now, I hope everyone knows that the conference recordings are posted to channel9, a section of MSDN. Microsoft does a great job of recording and publishing all of this content quickly, its pretty awesome. One of my biggest challenges at the conference was knowing which session to […]

Using Pagination with Asynchronous Keyword Queries

Recently, I finished development on a SharePoint 2013 provider-hosted app that uses Keyword Query Language and the SharePoint Search API to run asynchronous queries against a site collection to grab all of the site collections under that domain name. What I found almost most troubling was figuring out a way not just to display these […]

Understanding App Model in SharePoint 2013

Today I am going to talk about application model in SharePoint 2013. There are tons of hundreds of articles, videos, blogs and msdn how-to videos available online and they are pretty good too. The reason for sharing my thoughts on the subject is to give you a concise, holistic view in couple of paragraphs that […]