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Dealing with Wildcard SSL Certificates on Azure and Kubernetes - Let's Encrypt and Azure Front Door

Dealing with Wildcard SSL Certificates on Azure and Kubernetes

It is almost certain that any DevOps approaches the challenges of implementing SSL certificates at some time. Of course, there are free certificates, such as the well-known Lets Encrypt. As with any free solution, it has a number of limitations, all the restrictions are detailed on the certificate provider page for you to read. Some […]

The value of service: At what cost do you build your resume?

At what cost do you build your resume? The Value of Service: Do you serve your clients or do you seek to increase your own resume with “big name” companies? In the summer of 2015, I was “serving” a non-profit.  The non-profit was a bigger one in the Kansas City area.  So, resume wise, you […]


These 5 Stats Will Make You Revisit Your CX Strategy in 2019

Good news travels fast — but bad news travels faster With your business dependent on customer satisfaction, being able to service them regardless of their issue is what sets winning brands apart. On the flip side, when service is not up to par, damage to the brand can be significant. And businesses are paying attention. […]

Healthcare bot for call centers during COVID-19 crisis

Building the Brand Experience in Call Centers [INFOGRAPHIC]

How customers engage and interact with brands is becoming the biggest focus for those who want to stay ahead of their competition in 2019 and beyond. If you’re in a crowded marketplace and your prices are competitive, what more can you really offer? A better customer experience. It’s become paramount. When it comes to making a […]

Oracle Enterprise Management Updates

From Community Cloud and Service Cloud to Just Community Service

From the Cloud to Real Life We spend all week discussing how our customers can leverage Salesforce technology such as Service Cloud and Community Cloud to help solve business challenges. Now, let’s talk about Community Cloud and Service Cloud in a different context… Remove the “Cloud” to get “community service.” As a Business Partner of […]

How to Create a Salesforce Community Brand Kit 

The Key to Brand Success Your brand is the defined version of your customer experience. Physically, it’s how your customers identify you. Emotionally, it’s how they connect with you. But good brands don’t just happen, they are created. It is imperative for businesses to be aware of the brand experience they desire customers to have and […]

How To Find Your Missing Salesforce Views on Mobile Devices

Go Totally Mobile on Salesforce – Well, Almost It might seem like a dream come true to have a deployed support team in the field, armed with iPad in hand, ready to service all those cases rolling in. But, without the laptop, those truly mobile professionals just might not see what they should be seeing […]

How To Use Salesforce for Customer Service

It’s no secret that Salesforce is a leader the industry when it comes to customer service technology, with many current users looking to increase their investment. According to the Forbes, “61% of service organizations are increasing investments in actionable analytics within Salesforce. Integrating systems, reducing duplicate data entry, and implementing more responsive customer service are […]

Engagement Cloud R13 – Service Bell Notifications

Service Bell Notifications In Engagement Cloud, the Service application can now present a notification to the service agent when a specific trigger condition occurs relating to a service request. This enables the service agent to take immediate action in response to a customer inquiry. The latest release R13 (18A) enhances the notifications framework by simplifying the process […]

Perficient Service Cloud @DF13

Quick update for those of you attending Dreamforce ’13 in a few short weeks. Perficient (and our clients) will be featured in two different Dreamforce sessions this year: Service Communities: Delight Customers & Build Lasting Relationships Join us to learn how Communities enables businesses to provide a range of stellar customer service experiences, whether it’s […]