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All About Machine Learning with Oracle Analytics

  Perficient Presents at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – Live from the show floor, a director in our analytics team delivers an overview of the machine learning capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud with its built-in ML algorithms. Machine Learning is a science that existed for several decades. However, it wasn’t until the last 10 years that […]

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Essentials for Your Digital Strategy: Infuse AI in Customer Experience

Delivering seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences starts with a customer-centered digital strategy. This ongoing series explores the characteristics that make up a great digital strategy and how to deliver powerful brand moments that solidify customer loyalty and drive differentiation for your organization. Ever-increasing and evolving customer expectations pose a challenge to businesses, regardless of their […]

Lessons from 2014: The Problem with Sentiment Analysis

As we wind down 2014, I’m taking a look back at some items in my reading list and bringing forward the ones I found important from a learning standpoint.  The article The Problem with Sentiment Analysis by Sarah Kessler at Fast Company in November 2014 qualifies as one of those “aha” articles. Analyzing social media has […]

Demystifying Big Data for Financial Services

Many of our customers tell us they have Big Data initiatives under way or are planning them in the near future.  Like the terms “CRM” or “Web 2.0” the term “Big Data” means many things to many people.  Along with all the hype around Big Data, there is also some doubt amongst financial institutions.   As experts […]

Can Social Media Improve a Bank’s Customer Service?

While social media can have a large impact on the sales and marketing side, I believe the largest potential for this type of technology lies in customer service.  Like any customer service endeavor, it takes effort to address issues as they arise.  This effort can be categorized in two ways: listening and responding. Listening Most banks […]

Social and Automation

Tech Crunch has an interesting article about all the automation going on in the social media space.  If you want a good sign that companies are starting to realize that they no longer control the conversation about their brand and feel overwhelmed with how to manage so many conversations, this article will point that out.  […]