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Beyond Email in Marketo: Let’s Talk SEM to Extend Your Reach

It’s no surprise that when you think of Marketo you think of Email first. But Marketo is so much more than that. It’s the perfect tool for tracking the true ROI of your entire marketing efforts, so why do so many brands fail to use Marketo to its full potential? Part of the issue is […]

What Has Helped Our Healthcare Clients Most Rapidly Respond to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the reality quickly became apparent that many healthcare organizations were ill-equipped to fight the COVID-19 battle. Healthcare has been stretched to new limits in inpatient volume, equipment shortages, and the sheer number of calls, emails, and inquiries coming from the patients/members, media, and government. So what has helped healthcare clients […]

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[Guide] Digital Health Jump Starts: Build Payor/Provider Resilience During COVID-19

COVID-19 appears certain to be a long-term challenge, with successive, overlapping waves of surge and retreat. Healthcare providers and payors remain immersed in the pandemic. Deaths and hospital admissions are well above normal levels, requiring emergency response measures to manage and care for thousands of patients. Many questions, nuanced by geographic and demographic considerations remain: […]

Which Comes First? User Experience or Search Engine Marketing?

Two questions. Do you invite friends over to your place when it is a mess, or do you clean it up first? Are people encouraged to walk on a sidewalk before the cement is dry? Search engine marketing (SEM) before user experience (UX) might not be the best decision for your bottom line. SEM is […]

Acronyms Explained! What’s the Difference Between PPC, SEO & SEM?

For those who don’t work directly in the online marketing industry, many of the acronyms that are commonly used can get confusing when you don’t fully understand what each one means. I’m here to help you differentiate between them and prevent you from making common mistakes. PPC: Pay Per Click This term refers to the […]

Marketers Finally Get Google

This is more of a follow up to my post yesterday on Digital Marketing costing a lot and being worth it. has an article on marketers finally getting Google to the point where click through rates are up 19% year over year. “Marketers are optimized almost fully on Google,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst […]