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Three Advantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

Traditionally, enterprise search engines have been firmly planted on the ground. Now, along with almost everything else in enterprise IT, search engines are quickly moving into the sky. But why? What factors are prompting the growth of cloud-based search engines? Given the immense IT security (and mindset) challenges associated with indexing sensitive content in the cloud, why are […]

Introducing the Application Indexing Protocol (AIP)

I am excited to introduce the Application Indexing Protocol! AIP, for short, allows any application to proactively make itself indexable by a variety of third-party enterprise search engines. Unlike traditional connectors (created by search engine vendors or systems integration companies), application developers can now choose exactly what they want indexed and the best way to do it. Applications can choose […]

What do Search Engines want?

Some readers may be thinking that this is the wrong question. Many webmasters focus on the question “How do I get as much traffic as possible from search engines?” It turns out that for “real businesses” (as opposed to Spam sites) that are looking to grow their business for the long term that you need […]