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Presto! The new SQL engine for Big Data

Facebook has been one of the software pioneers when it comes to Big Data.  They have an continuously increasing amount of data that constantly needs to be indexed and queried in a fast, efficient manner.  Facebook originally developed Hive which is a distributed data warehouse that allows for querying and managing of large data sets.  They released […]

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Content by Search Now Available in Office 365 SharePoint Online!

Intranets in SharePoint Online just got a lot more powerful. Hot off the presses from the SharePoint Blog, the Content (by) Search Web Part is now available in Office 365 SharePoint Online. This is a major announcement for those looking to do intranets on SP Online, because this web part allows you to easily deliver […]

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SharePointFest Chicago Presentations

I presented at the SharePointFest Chicago in October 2013. During my presentations, I mentioned that I would upload my PowerPoint presentations. Session 1: Search Customizations This session covered customizations for search in SharePoint 2013. 1. Display Templates 2. Server side search web parts. 3. Boosting and segmentation Here is the link : Session 2: […]

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The Search Engine for Your Business: Part 1

Introduction It has been a while since I’ve hit the blogosphere. During that time I had the pleasure of presenting a search webinar speaking about SharePoint 2013 search. Not only did I learn that presenting for a webinar was much different than presenting in front of a room of people, I also realized that the […]

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Facebook Graph Search: Changing the Search Experience?

Consumer experiences drive enterprise user expectations.  That’s become increasingly true over the last few years.  Now Facebook is making a bid to provide the first fundamental change to how we experience Search since Google introduced the now-ubiquitous Simple White Page With An Empty Search Box. Will Facebook’s latest innovation join the queue of consumer applications […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search & Social: Webinar Recap & Replay

Yesterday, we hosted a SharePoint 2013 webinar that covered the new search and social features. Will Tseng, a senior technical consultant within Perficient’s SharePoint practice, and Rich Wood, director of Perficient’s national SharePoint practice, teamed up to talk about two of their favorite topics. In the first half of the webinar, Will discussed key components of designing […]

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SharePoint 2013 – Search not displaying all results

Scenario: While building a search based application in SharePoint 2013, I observed a behavior which I thought was quirky. A page on a publishing site had a Search Results web part and a Content by Search web part. While configuring them, I set them to have the same query and result source. Expected result would’ve […]

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SP2013 Search: Workaround for People Result Sorting

So I was getting some unexpected behavior (as in just not working!) when I tried to apply sorting to people search from the peopleresults.aspx page through the query builder. I hadn’t had any issues sorting on my other result sources but people results were proving to be stubborn. To reproduce, try going to your People […]

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How to Make the Most of SharePoint Search – Continued

Last time we talked about three possible areas of improving SharePoint Search:   Define Content Authority Sources – allowing users to concentrate their search Content Promotion – managing content and where it goes Content Metadata and Ratings – aspects that allow users to refine search results Now let’s dig a little deeper into the three areas. […]

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How to Make the Most of SharePoint Search

I have had a number of clients share with me that SharePoint Search does not work.  I find it interesting, since some clients implement SharePoint specifically for search.  When we dig a little deeper, we typically find the problem is not SharePoint.  The problem is actually the volume and relevancy of content returned in the […]

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SP2013 Search–Content Type Managed Property in Queries

Not the right effect? Very short and sweet this time, hopefully will help those who happen on this page for this common issue. In the Query Builder, you can create a query using using fields or managed properties. A common field that users will use for creating a fielded search is Content Type. However, as […]

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SP2013 Search Display Templates Semi-Deep Dive

If you’ve stumbled around display templates in SharePoint 2013 Search, you’ve probably run into these following JavaScript do-dads: ctx.RenderBody(ctx)  -> (standard search results Display Template) ctx.RenderBody(ctx)   -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderFooter(ctx)  -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderHeader(ctx) –> (hover panel Display Template) You can find these methods on items such as Item_Default.html, Item_PDF.html, Item_Word.html, […]

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Webinar: Manage Your Web Content with SharePoint 2013

For the past decade, it seems as if technology advances each and every day. Today, technology makes it possible to communicate with businesses and individuals around the globe from almost anywhere. What once required a hard-wired Internet connection and a bulky computer can now be achieved with a portable mobile device. Of course, coping with […]

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Showcasing Perficient’s SharePoint 2013 work with JLL at SPC12

The SharePoint Conference kicks off on Sunday November 11th and the Perficient team will be there in force. From demo’s showing what can be accomplished with SharePoint 2013, our Rockstar giveaway where someone will win a Home Theater System to interactive sessions with community members, booth 904 will be a hub of activity. From the […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search – crawl stuck ‘Starting’

I started working with SharePoint 2013 RTM today on a Windows 2012 Server. My initial project is to do with search so I quickly created a Search Service Application and performed the minimal configuration to begin crawling the ‘Local SharePoint sites’ content source. Everything looked good so I started a crawl on this source. I quickly realized that […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search Part 5 – Search-based Solutions

Working with clients I am always keen to bring the conversation about search forward in our discussion of a solution. Search is not something we ‘plug in’ or ‘turn on’ in the later stages of a SharePoint project. Search needs to be considered from the outset and built into the architecture if we are to […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search Part 4 – Search Result Customization

If you have ever worked with customizing search results in SharePoint you will be familiar with the need to write XSLT. I was always somewhat of a reluctant XSLT developer, I was able to achieve some interesting customizations but they did not come without some pain and the feeling that there must be a better […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search Part 3 – User Experience and WebParts

Microsoft has really targeted the user experience in 2013 Search and there are a whole host of improvements which will I think impress our users. They include: We can now see search results as we type into the search box. We have some very nice visual refinement available like the new Date Slider. Creating date […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search Part 2 – Richer Query Language

I was a little disappointed with some aspects of how FAST was bolted on to SharePoint 2010. We had a fantastic new search engine but its capabilities were throttled by the depth of integration with SharePoint. One aspect of this was access to the power of the FAST Query Language (FQL). FQL is a rich […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search Part 1 – What happened to FAST?

We have now had a few months to try out SharePoint 2013 Preview and things are looking really exciting for Search. In this 5-part series of blog posts I will review the upgrade in technology, highlight some new features which I think are important and show how they relate to real-world scenarios. In SharePoint 2010 […]

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