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Simplify Your Workflow: Streamlining Business Processes with EPM Pipeline Scheduling

If you have worked with EPM Pipelines, you know how incredibly relevant it is for customers who do not have the resources for data integration automation. It has been a saving grace for streamlining tasks and data load processes within the EPM application itself. However, one important element that had been missing from it was […]

Schedule Business Logic in Oracle Sales Cloud

In the Past In previous releases of OSC, if a record needs to update based on custom business logic then we may have to rely on external code that executes the logic and update the records in OSC through web services or update using batch data load. Now with R12 and R13, this approach has changed, […]

What is the Timeline for a Typical GSA Implementation?

I’ll get this out of the way quickly — there is no such thing as a typical GSA implementation. With that said, I have been involved in scoping and delivering around 250 GSA implementations, and some averages and trends have emerged.  Most projects involve the same five core phases: Design and Requirements, Hardware and Security, Content […]

Keeping up with the Fixes

A huge number of my projects are platform upgrades, and every time I ask my customers why they haven’t applied a single published fix for any of the products involved since the system was built (sometimes upwards of 7 years ago). They usually reply with a variation on the old trope, “If it ain’t broke, […]

Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(II)

This is the second part of “Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects”, please see the first part here 10. Placeholder List Table Placeholder Variables  Name Variable Description Title %SI_NAME% Report title, it is same as report rpt name  ID %SI_ID% InfoStore SI_ID value, System ID  Owner %SI_OWNER% Report owner who schedules the report  DateTime […]

Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(I)

Usually, after we finish developing a Crystal Report rpt with sufficient unit testing according to the report requirement, the next step is to upload it onto the CMC (Central Management Console) or InfoView server for scheduling. During the scheduling, we will be asked to walk through several steps (recurrence, schedule for, notification, database connection, filters, […]