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Woman Using Facial Recognition Technology To Access Her Tablet Computer

AI-powered voice & video scams: India the unfortunate leader

Ally Armeson, the executive program director of Cybercrime Support Network, a nonprofit organization, says “Generative AI is evolving very quickly. Like any technology, generative AI can be misused or exploited for harmful purposes, so certainly regulation will be necessary as these generative AI tools continue to develop.” And before the regulations were imposed, the technology […]

Close Up Of A Mid Adult Woman Checking Her Energy Bills At Home, Sitting In Her Living Room. She Has A Worried Expression

Stay Safe from UPI (Instant Money Transfer) Scams by Being One Step Ahead.

“Never share your OTP”, we have heard this a lot of times and we do follow the rule very strictly, but do you know what other mistakes can make you a victim of any financial scam? Please go through this blog for real-life deceit that happened and what measures can be taken to avoid the […]

How to Avoid Damage From Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling

“Phishing,” “spear phishing,” and “whaling” are not misspellings of aquatic sports. These words describe costly, illegal activities that use human engineering to steal, ransom and blackmail for profit, and Perficient’s information technology experts urge everyone to be aware of the distinctions and the dangers. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, primarily made through email, to steal […]