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Integrating SAP Datasphere and Databricks Lakehouse for Unified Analytics

Integrating SAP and Databricks has typically required a lot of glue. Set up the SAP Data Hub environment, connect to the SAP data, set up a pipeline with Pipeline Modeler, configure the Streaming Analytics Service, setup Kafka or MQTT and receive the streaming data in Databricks with Spark Streaming. Most of these intermediate steps required […]

SAP HANA and Hadoop – complementary or competitive?

In my last blog post, we learned about SAP HANA… or as I called it, “a database on steroids”. Here is what SAP former CTO and Executive Board Member, Vishal Sikka, told InformationWeek: “Hana is a full, ACID-compliant database, and not just a cache or accelerator. All the operations happen in memory, but every transaction […]

SAP HANA – A ‘Big Data’ Enabler

Some interesting facts and figures for your consideration: 90% – of stored data in the world today was created in the past 2 years 50% – annual data growth rate 34,000 – tweets sent each minute 9,000,000 – daily Amazon orders 7,000,000,000 – daily Google Page Views 2.5 Exabyte – amount of data created every day (an Exabyte […]

Big Data – Part 4 ( In Memory Analytics )

The last of the 4 part BigData trends. This post covers the role of in-memory analytics and some tools that are being used. What is In-Memory Analytics? To put it simple: Performing analysis on the memory/RAM. Flash memory’s price is decreasing  and the RAM can store Terabyte-size datasets. And since 64 bit processors can address […]