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Data Management in Salesforce

Data management in Salesforce deals with importing or exporting data/records in the Salesforce organization. There are many tools available to import the data into Salesforce org. The four most common tools are: Data Import Wizard is a tool available within the Salesforce org Setup. Data Loader is an external tool provided by Salesforce that easily connects to your […]

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Top 5 Salesforce Best Practices on Apex Code

Introduction: This blog is basically to help you go to that next level of coding and what are the things we need to consider while writing Apex code so that your code adheres to the best practices. Apex runs in a multitenant environment that’s why Salesforce recommended Best Practices. It’s been defined over many years […]

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Introduction to Data Cleaning In Salesforce

The average cost of bad data to US businesses is $15 million a year, as it hinders staff productivity and results in bad decisions. Suppose that inaccurate contact information in the CRM prevents sales reps from contacting prospects or that sales managers base their strategic sales plans on reports created using out-of-date data. If you’re […]


5 Tips for Amazon Connect Salesforce integration: CTI v2

In early September, Amazon released a revised version of the Amazon Connect CTI adapter for Salesforce (v2), adding several new features and allowing for a deeper integration between the contact center and CRM. The following articles contain the official announcement: Building an automated AI experience with Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud Amazon Connect Salesforce […]

Best Practices for Setting Up Salesforce Communities

Communicating effectively and efficiently with Customers and Partners is easier than ever with Salesforce Communities.  Communities can be established to meet many objectives and goals for marketing, sales, and service. But in order for your Communities to be successful, they require actively engaged members. Here are a few best practices and tips to ensure that […]

Provide Better Customer Service and Gain Insight into your Call/Contact Center’s Performance

The Salesforce Service Cloud is helping companies provide stellar customer service across many channels. With the continuing growth of customer service access points, it’s important to have a comprehensive view of your entire spectrum of customer support. Whether it’s your call center, social media channels, email support, online communities, etc., insight into all of these […]

Tips for Creating Dashboards for Anyone in Your Organization

Dashboards are an excellent way to get a snapshot of how your organization is performing. Creating customized dashboards in Salesforce enables executives, sales and marketing professionals, customer service agents, administrators, and others to track and quickly view performance metrics.   Download FREE dashboards from the AppExchange There are numerous free options available on the AppExchange, […]

Advanced Tips for Salesforce Q&A’s

Some excellent Salesforce Q&A that may be useful to you. Take a look and please post comments if you have any follow-up questions of your own! Q: Does Cloud Scheduler sync with Outlook and/or Gmail? A: The Cloud Scheduler doesn’t sync with Outlook and/or Gmail per se. But if you use the Cloud Scheduler to […]

Enabling Salesforce Features: The More the Merrier [Part 2]

Let’s review some more of the features you can request for enablement via Salesforce Customer Support. You “Open a Case” via the Salesforce Help & Training Portal, signoff on the conditions and/or consequences of the feature enablement, and voilà…you have a new feature enabled in your Salesforce org! See the full list documented by Salesforce […]

Enabling Salesforce Features: The More the Merrier [Part 1]

You are probably already aware that features such as Multi-Currency, Person Accounts and Territory Management must be enabled via request to Salesforce Customer Support.  You “Open a Case” via the Salesforce Help & Training Portal, signoff on the conditions and/or consequences of the feature enablement, and voilà…you have a new feature enabled in your Salesforce […]

Joined Reports: Analytic Heavy Lifting [Part 2]

In my last posting, I outlined some basics regarding the use and setup of basic Joined Reports.  In this article, I will focus on some of their more complex capabilities and considerations.  Specifically, we will review the following two techniques: Creation of a Sales Rep Scorecard Report that combines Opportunity and Activity data into one […]

Joined Reports: Don’t Be Intimidated [Part 1]

The Spring ’12 release of Salesforce bore tremendous benefit in reporting functionality with the launch of Enterprise Analytics. Available to Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited Edition customers at no additional charge, the Enterprise Analytics module provides enhanced features within the Report Builder permitting users to take Salesforce reporting to a whole new level. The 3 primary […]