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Putting the Salesforce Shield Field Audit Trail to Use

Could your business use richer analytics? What about making use of the data you already have? Salesforce has done a fantastic job at helping Administrators get an idea of “who changed what,” especially in respect to data and configuration. With the History object, most organizations have what they need to see what changes were made […]

Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring: What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard, Salesforce Shield is a bundle of products that Salesforce has put together to help customers meet strict regulatory requirements concerning their data. Salesforce Shield Components Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring Salesforce Shield Field Audit Trail Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption Most successful businesses are not built on a hunch. That’s where data comes […]

Salesforce Shield: Bringing Compliance to the Cloud

Salesforce has always been known for the incredible investments they have made in ensuring their customer’s data is safe and secure. They have to — data is their business. Without the high level of trust that customers have in Salesforce’s security, Salesforce would not be the #1 CRM solution in the world. But some customers […]

Data Encryption in the Salesforce Shield Age

For those of you who are eager to learn why Shield is changing the way we do encryption in Salesforce and are interested in implementing it in your own org, here is a quick summary of what you can expect from this amazing new tool. Comparing Classic and Platform Encryption In comparison to Classic encryption; […]