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Legacy Healthcare CRM: Understanding Why It Needs to be Different

Given the unique challenges of healthcare, deciding what you do or do not need in your CRM can have profound ramifications on future capabilities.  My previous blog pointed out that the Legacy CRM systems that have been a mainstay in healthcare for decades are quite different from the Enterprise platforms that have become the norm.  Today, healthcare marketing […]

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Healthcare CRM: Evolving Beyond Your Legacy Platform

Over the past fifteen years I’ve spent thousands of hours helping healthcare organizations adopt and get the most out of their CRMs. These efforts have changed significantly as the market has evolved. Part of my job has been to change the mindsets of those that had been doing it one way for decades.  The highly […]

Healthy Competition for Payers in Healthcare

Fact: the competitive landscape for #Healthcare plans is changing dramatically as new rules, regulations and competitors enter the market. It’s not as if there has never been competition between payers (insurers) before, it’s just not been as intense and fast moving as it is today. Without question, payers must do everything possible to attract and […]

Create A Patient Portal Using Salesforce Communities

When I think of major healthcare trends one of the most interesting is that of connected health, the idea that healthcare delivery uses technology to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Patient – doctor interactions can now extend past visits to a more engaging ongoing relationship with providers, where patients have […]

Salesforce Delivers Scale, Security, Compliance and Social in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations must comply with complex medical coding and billing rules, along with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy and security regulations. Healthcare data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), must be kept secure, confidential, and available only to authorized users, traceable, reversible and preserved for long periods of time. The right cloud solution for a […]