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Artificial Intelligence Concept Brain With Cpu

Unlocking the Power of AI: Einstein for Developers

“Einstein for Developers” refers to the set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools and features available for developers within the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Einstein is designed to help Salesforce developers build smarter, more predictive, and more automated applications that enhance their CRM and business processes. Einstein for Developers is a generative AI […]

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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

Welcome to the Series of Salesforce Einstein Chatbots!  Part 2 In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service and engagement, Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is the revolutionary AI-powered tool that is the future of personalized customer interactions. Salesforce chatbot not only understands customer inquiries but also anticipates their needs, adapts to their preferences, and delivers seamless, human-like […]

Virtual Assistant And Crm Software Automation Technology. Customer Using Online Service With Chat Bot To Get Support. Chat Bot Conversation Concept.

Demystifying Einstein Bots in Salesforce : The Future of Customer Engagement

Introduction: A chatbot, often known as a bot, is a computer programme that replicates a human conversation, whether written or spoken, and can be a beneficial tool for automating interactions with users. Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is a chatting tool that is driven by Salesforce’s AI. This platform allows businesses to create and deploy chatbots in […]


An Omnichannel Messaging Success Story: Building a Global Experience With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Today, patients have more options than ever before. There is more content and research easily accessible to consumers. Medical device organizations need to cut through the noise to make their communications impactful. Three in four people say they want to have the same experience in healthcare that they receive from other businesses. Enabling a tailored […]

How to Conquer Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein

With the artificial intelligence (AI) dream becoming more and more of a reality every day, Salesforce users will have a plethora of new ways to utilize Salesforce’s Einstein AI. “Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI for CRM. It’s an integrated set of AI technologies that makes the Customer Success Platform smarter and brings AI […]

Make Your Community More Intelligent in Summer ’17

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release has a lot of features for Community Cloud that are centered around having a more targeted, intelligent experience for your community members. As part of this, Salesforce is tracking more interactions than ever and giving you (and Einstein) access to that data to take action on it. Here are a […]

Connecting the Dots with AI and Salesforce

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a buzzword these days. People like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk say that an advanced artificial intelligence will lead to the end of humanity, but the march continues for ever more advanced algorithms seemingly in spite of the warnings. Salesforce has even jumped into the fray […]

4 Ways A.I. Powers Productivity for Sales Cloud Users

Last year, I attended my first Dreamforce—a spectacular conference that brings thousands of people within the Salesforce ecosystem to San Francisco each year. In between the epic events and action-packed sessions, it was the introduction of Einstein in the main keynote that kept me wondering how artificial intelligence will influence CRM. From speech recognition to […]

2017: The Year of AI and Smarter CRM

We’ve heard it from a number of different analyst sources and it’s being talked about all across the web right now – 2017 is the year of cognitive computing or artificial intelligence (AI). The blockbuster partnership announced this week between Salesforce and IBM further validates that AI is more than just the next marketing buzzword […]

#DF16 Recap: Philanthropy, Innovation, Intelligence & Speed

Philanthropy: A Powerful Message for the Salesforce Community Salesforce put its philanthropic message front and center at Dreamforce. kicked the keynote off on Wednesday with a very strong message around becoming a mentor to inner city children. And not just inner cities here in America, but abroad. A fast fact: more children have died in Chicago due […]

New Salesforce Service Cloud Features Announced at #DF16

I attended the Service Cloud keynote today at Dreamforce 2016, and exciting new features were announced. Service Cloud now incorporates new technology such as Einstein and Salesforce messaging and existing clouds such as Analytics and Lightning. One exciting demo showcased how an agent is able to communicate in multiple channels; they will also soon be able […]

Salesforce Einstein Tackles Customer Service – #DF16

Here at Dreamforce 2016, Salesforce is touting their new “Einstein” set of Artificial Intelligence tools. At its heart, Salesforce Einstein has four tenets: Discover patterns in data Predict what these patterns mean Recommend actions based on the predictions Automate the execution of recommended actions I just attended a short session with Salesforce where they displayed […]

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