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5 Things You Need to Know About Salesforce Communities

As a Salesforce Gold Partner, we love to work with the whole gamut of Salesforce solutions. In particular, many of our technical consultants specialize in Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Communities (among other things). Communities happen to be one of my favorite offerings to work with and implement. They’re rich in features, and they can […]

Salesforce Communities 101

Salesforce Communities 101: How to Get Started

Typically, a community is defined as a unified group of individuals. When it comes to business and marketing outcomes, the word “unified” is the most important part of that definition. You want to be unified in your goals. Unified in product and brand strategy. Unified in the desire and passion to grow your customer and […]

Partner Communities

5 Reasons Why Partner Communities Are Critical to Your Success

In today’s world, people expect to have data, information and tools at their fingertips. If you’re in the manufacturing or automotive industry, your channel partners (a.k.a. dealers or distributors) are no different. They want immediate access to data, such as leads, conversions and KPIs. They want to be able to find blog posts, product information […]

develop your salesforce brand

How to Develop Your Salesforce Brand

Salesforce is known to open up doors, not just for the people using the technology at organizations, but also for the people managing it. As a proud Salesforce Admin or Salesforce community manager, make the most of your position! Salesforce (and their partners) offer a lot of opportunities to develop your personal brand and engage […]

Salesforce Communities #DF15 Focus: Social, Mobile, Self-Service

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced their Community Builder, a new tool that empowers companies to quickly launch self-service communities using one of three templates: Napili, Koa, Kokua. At the time, the product was in Beta and lacked key extensibility features required by more enterprise customers. The product showed great promise, but few people adopted […]

Community Cloud Experts Share Best Practices at #DF15

While standing in line waiting for this a session this afternoon, “Creating Your Community w/ Expert Help from Salesforce Implementation Partners” I was chatting with a fellow Dreamforce attendee who was getting started with Communities. She was in awe by the thousands of other attendees and fellow users all here doing the same thing she […]

#DF15: Use employee communities to engage and retain top talent

Dreamforce 2015 is off to a great start. I just attended my first session of the week where I had the chance to hear Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and AstraZeneca talk about how their enterprise social networks are transforming how they work as companies and how they retain top talent. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt integrated Chatter on top of an […]

Launching Chatter in Salesforce Communities – Best Practices

One of the key differences between the original Salesforce portals and the new Salesforce Communities is that your customers and partners have the ability to Chatter with your company, introducing great rewards if properly managed. Here are some tips to get the most out of Chatter in your Salesforce Community: Don’t just turn it on. […]

Upgrading to Salesforce Communities

With over 800 implementations across 7+ years, it’s safe to say that we’ve had great success implementing Partner and Customer portals for our clients. We’ve been urging many of these happy portal clients to start thinking about how they will use Salesforce Communities (generally available since Summer ’13). Common questions we’ve heard so far are, […]

Best Practices for Setting Up Salesforce Communities

Communicating effectively and efficiently with Customers and Partners is easier than ever with Salesforce Communities.  Communities can be established to meet many objectives and goals for marketing, sales, and service. But in order for your Communities to be successful, they require actively engaged members. Here are a few best practices and tips to ensure that […]

Salesforce Communities: The Portal is Dead…Long Live the Portal

Today announced its long awaited release of  Communities, which in Salesforce’s own words ended the era of legacy portal software. These are heady words, but Salesforce may have actually created something that is taking the portal concept into a different direction. The motor that is driving Communities is Chatter, Salesforce’s social collaboration platform. […]