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Working In The Event Assessment Screen In Argus Safety

In a previous post, we discussed that Oracle’s Argus Safety makes entering and managing adverse event cases relatively simple due to its intuitive user interface. For this post, we’ll discuss working in the event and product assessment screen and look at a few of its key features. One main requirement for any safety system is […]

How Argus Safety Enables Faster Case Management Times

The electronic (or manual through the Safety Reporting Portal) reporting of post-marketed individual case safety reports (ICSRs) to the FDA will be required by mid-2015 (FDA, 2014), and the most efficient way to perform such activities is through an industry-proven adverse event reporting system, such as Oracle’s Argus Safety. Since this is the safety and […]

3 Options for Migrating Safety and Pharmacovigilance Systems

Deciding “if, when or how” to move from one safety application to another can be a daunting task full of angst, pressure and fear of the unknown. Arguably, most of this distress is experienced in the initial analysis of the migration options and sifting through the solutions available to an organization. This blog entry will attempt […]