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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Sitecore Rules Engine

Jeffery Rondeau gave a great presentation on the Sitecore rules engine and showed some things you can do with it other than personalization.  My favorite was limiting the number of instances of a given component on a single page (think hero images). Here are my key takeaways: What can you do with the Sitecore Rules […]

SPC 2014: Delivering Adaptive and Personalized Experiences

This is a wide ranging presentation on how to create the personalized experience.  Ryan Sockalosky started with the business challenges and then moved into the how. You face a variety of challenges: Ease of use with familiar tools to create sites Create, reuse, and consumer content across many different devices and channels Surface the right […]

Personalization: A Rules Based Approach

The fifth and final approach to personalization utilizes rules to understand users and events and then push personalized content and messages to them.  This probably represents one of the most complex aspects of personalization but it can be extremely powerful.  I say “rules” because you need some engine, most likely separate from a portal server, […]

Microsoft Healthcare Users Group – A Strong Showing

The recent Microsoft HUG event in Redmond, WA was an exciting event that clearly showed that Microsoft has a platform that can easily support the healthcare platform of the future. The combination of Microsoft and their partners can now combine to provide a full connected care platform.