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How to Integrate Oracle SaaS Data into Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Reporting on Oracle Fusion and non-Fusion SaaS Apps from Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a common solution to performing cross-functional reporting from one or more Cloud and non-Cloud applications. The BI capabilities within each of the transaction systems, whether Financials, HCM, Sales or other, are limited when it comes to integrated reporting with external data […]

3 Ways to Integrate Oracle ERP Cloud (OTBI) with DataSync (BICS)

Here are the blogs that I have posted previously as part of my blog series on Oracle DataSync (BICS). Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS) In this blog, I am going to talk about three different ways to integrate Oracle ERP Cloud data with Data Sync (BICS) through OTBI.         […]

Current Employee Status with SCD Type 2 in OBIEE

In the star-schema based data modeling, it is not very often to turn on slowly change dimension as type 2, while it will bring some advantage to feed some requirements such as ‘show me the history change for one business group folks’, ‘show me the revenue and cost incurred by the employees at point of […]