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Business People Negotiating A Contract.

Overriding TinyMCE’s Default Alt Text Validation in Optimizely

Adding Alt Text to your Images in Optimizely When developing a site using Optimizely, it is important to keep accessibility in mind. A common solution that I’ve found helpful is to extend the ImageData class from EpiServer.Core and add a property for Alt Text. This concept is demonstrated in the Alloy Project and has been […]

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Beyond Embed Component: Integrate Web Code Editor

After the introduction of AEM Core Components, custom component development has been drastically changed. In some use cases, there is zero customization and core components can be directly used for authoring. Even in those situations, the custom component is needed. It can be quickly built by extending the existing core components. Thus, the development cost […]


Uh-oh, the Sitecore Sheer UI dialog is jacking up my Rich Text Editor. Now what?

Use these 4 simple steps and you will no longer lose your content or field values in the Rich Text Editor when using a Sheer UI dialog.

How to Architect a RTE Solution for AEM Touch UI Dialog

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is one of the most common and widely used widgets in a component in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Although Adobe provides out of the box (OOTB) RTE functionality, most projects I’ve been on require custom development or configurations. Hence, knowing more about RTE should help you better design a rich text […]

Ephox Releases EditLive! 7.6

Ephox just announced the release of their rich text editor, EditLive! version 7.6.  This is probably the best rich text editor on the market.  You see it OEM’d by a variety of vendors including IBM in the WCM product.  I like the flexibility it gives and the ability to integrate to it.  We are seeing […]