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Silverlight How To

Microsoft has a large number of web and video based tutorials on their site.  Given that this is a technology that can be used on multiple web browsers, OS’s, and portal platforms; It’s an option worth considering when you think about Rich Internet Applications.

DOJO from the Ground Up

In doing some research, I found a post from the LinkedIn WebSphere Portal group that points to Joe Lennon’s article in developerWorkson DOJO.  It’s actually three separate articles. I thought they would be good to pass along. Update: thanks to Wayne MacKirdy for cathing link issues.  Links are good to go now. Dojo from the […]

Microsoft Lays out Silverlight 5 Roadmap

Almost two months ago I posted on rich internet application (RIA) options.  Silverlight was one of those we covered.  What was interesting to note is that Microsoft supports multiple platforms with Silverlight so it’s not just a windows play.  You can use it with a variety of browsers and with Linux, Mac, etc.  It is […]

Rich Internet Applications – What options do you have?

So everyone wants a really cool looking web application these days.  They want it to look good. They want the interface to meet or beat the application interfaces you use on your desktop and the want it to be fast.  There exists a number of options that you can use. They include: AJAX, Adobe Flash/Flex, […]