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Using Crave for Restaurant Operations Analytics

Patrick Abram, Director at Perficient, presented at KScope14 this week about using Oracle products for restaurant operations analytics: Multi-unit, multi-concept restaurant companies face challenging reporting requirements. How should they compare promotion, holiday, and labor performance data across concepts? How should they maximize fraud detection capabilities? How should they arm restaurant operators with the data they need […]

KScope14 Session: Empower Mobile Restaurant Operations Analytics

Perficient is exhibiting and presenting this week at KScope14 in Seattle, WA. On Monday, June 23 I presented my retail-focused solution offering built upon the success of Perficient’s Retail Pathways, but using the Oracle suite of products. In order to focus the discussion to fit within a one hour window I chose restaurant operations to […]

IBM and Perficient Partner with the Macaroni Grill to Improve Business Analytics

This webinar is now available for on-demand download here. Perficient will teamed up with Romano’s Macaroni Grill to present a retail analytics case study webinar on Leveraging Analytics for Decision Support and Improved Performance. The Macaroni Grill, a leader in upscale, casual dining with more than 220 locations, is going beyond basic financial reporting and using Perficient’s […]