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A Male Programmer Shows A Female Colleague A Coding Technique. The Codes Are Visible On The Laptop Screen

Part 2: Essential Spring Boot Concepts

Introduction: In the second installment of our Spring Boot blog series, we delve into the fundamental concepts that form the backbone of any Spring Boot application. From managing dependencies with Maven or Gradle to working with data using Spring Data and mastering the intricacies of RESTful web services, we leave no stone unturned. So, fasten […]

Integrating AEM with Salesforce – Part 2

Christine introduced how to integrate AEM with Salesforce by using the OOTB Salesforce plugin in Part1. We know how to create a connected app in Salesforce, connect it and use it do simple query operations via the OOTB plugin. But how can we do customized CRUD in our real project? In this part, I will discuss […]

Search Using the Result Source Name with O365 Search REST API

When our team performs code refactoring on custom web parts, the following two objectives are identified with the team: Apply REST API instead of JavaScript CSOM to get better performance. Remove as many configurations as possible. There are lots of web parts retrieving data via the search query (CSOM) and each of them contains a […]

Best Practices for Extracting Data from BICS Using Data Sync

The need exists for the ability to read and extract data from BICS, especially when the ETL strategy involves a Staging approach, as written about in Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS). But Data Sync does not support the direct data read from BICS. The built-in Oracle (BICS) connection in Data Sync only supports a data write to BICS. […]

Decoding the UI Architecture

With the increasing advent in SOA and RESTful based applications, all the business logic today is being pushed to the client. With numerable paradigms being present for the UI to consumes these services and create dynamic content, there becomes a need to define the presentation, structure and behavior of the User Interface. While working with […]

DataPower’s handling of RESTful services via JSON

In the IBM DataPower world, JSON is the representational format used by the RESTful façade exposed by the appliance. Starting with firmware version 3.8, there has been a gradual increase in the number of ways that JSON payload is handled. DataPower services that will handle and process JSON messages include: Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW) XML Firewall Web […]