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CSS Frameworks – Does Your Client Need One?

Many a times, when I start a new project, often the client gets excited when the word ‘bootstrap’ or ‘foundation’ comes around during the inception phase. They want to know more and get excited. They hope that their site would look great if is it built with a framework and typically look towards the UX […]

Chrome DevTools Features to Help UI Development

In the technology industry, we often take for granted things in our work routine that we do so often we don’t even realize we’re doing them: keyboard shortcuts, program macros or any other “muscle memory” tasks that are second nature to us.  Many a time I have found myself working with a partner or helping a […]

I&I musings – css, Apache, jQuery, web storage and LeanUX

CSS multi-language support Chiuhua Chen, senior front end developer and prototyping expert at Perficient XD, is currently working on a web application that has a visual design supporting only english language. As with every other project, the business later on proposed support for multi-language support. When the application is in another language, spanish or Chinese, […]

STLUX Recap: Getting Started with Website Performance

Back again with another recap of the STLUX conference sessions!  My previous post in this series covered Practical Interaction Design for Developers, a session by David Ortinau.  Where that session discussed how developers can educate themselves about user actions and expectations in regards to the design, this session covers another aspect of a user’s expectations […]

STLUX Recap: Practical Interaction Design for Developers

St. Louis had a user experience conference last month (yes, I am very timely) called STLUX, and I’m starting a series of blog posts to recap some of the sessions I attended.  Instead of the typical essay type of blog post, these will be a more in depth breakdown of my notes, which come in […]

Adobe Summit: Building a Global Digital Marketing Platform

This session had a nice abstract that set some high expectations for a case study. Creating a dynamic platform to support global digital marketing programs? PwC and USG developed a strategic plan and roadmap to deliver an integrated solution that enables local markets to take advantage of the global investment, from digital asset management, assets […]

AMA Iowa Presentation: Responsive Web Design

On April 3rd at 11:30am CST, I’ll be presenting at AMA Iowa on the topic of Responsive Web Design. If you’re in the Des Moines area on that day, and would like to attend, I’d love to see you there. Registration details are below.

Responsive Images – The New Hotness

Making images responsive on the Web is actually pretty easy. Don’t specify the width and height of the image, and include one simple CSS declaration, and bingo! Responsive images that scale beautifully as the page resizes and reflows. But what if you want a different crop of your image on a mobile device? Well, that’s […]

Responsive Web Design and the Hype Cycle

We’ve all been there: A new technology emerges (cough Responsive Web Design cough), all shiny and spiffy. We get excited about it – tweet and blog our way around it for months – until our excitement and the sheer saturation from the community spills out into the wider business community. And at a certain point, […]

Rapid, responsive prototyping with HTML frameworks

“To design responsively, one must prototype responsively.” – Martin Ridgway, 2013 Quoting myself. A good start. But honestly, the statement above is important. After all, how best to communicate principles of responsive design but to do it as early in the engagement as possible? However, prototyping should be fast and iterative. As of January 2013, […]

Your website’s performance is part of its user experience too

Creating a great user experience extends beyond the research, beyond the wireframes, and even beyond the visual design. All that hard work is ultimately for nothing if your website or web application isn’t fast. Why? Because if your site doesn’t load quickly, your users will go elsewhere very quickly indeed!

Google’s Responsive Web Design Recommendations

Google has been pushing Responsive Web Design hard lately. In April they posted Responsive design – harnessing the power of media queries, which went into Google’s best practices for web development (spoiler alert: they like Responsive Web Design, a lot). There’s even a high-level tutorial for making your own site responsive.

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