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Changes In Sitecore 10

Upgrading Sitecore Platforms – Changes in Sitecore 10.x

So, you find yourself in a need of a Sitecore upgrade and don’t know what to start with or how to approach it? This series of blog posts will cover the whole process from zero to hero, or in upgrade terms – from planning to going live. It comes in the form of a guide […]

Custom Data Connector Integrates Power BI and MicroStrategy

How To Create Useful Training And Reference Materials For New Hires

In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through the mindset and method of creating beneficial training and reference materials for new resources…even if you’re new, too! There have been multiple instances in my career where I’ve been tasked with creating training, reference, and promotional materials for others. Depending on the situation, the audience […]


Understanding AEM Resources In 10 Minutes

One of the strong features of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is creating UI content using the content authoring capability with Core Components.  As contents are created, they are stored in a Jackrabbit Oak repository as resources, which is then fetched and rendered as HTML content.  When out-of-the-box content authoring components do not suit the needs […]

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Injecting Resources into Sitecore Content and Page Editor

What do you do when you need extra resources (JavaScript, CSS) brought into your Content Editor and Page Editor experience? Maybe you have developed a custom field type that requires Google Maps API. Maybe many of your renderings use an external library or a client side helper of your own when in IsPageEditorEditing(). Whatever the […]

Top 5 Most Valuable People on a Portal Project

Projects get done because people complete all tasks necessary to launch.  Projects get done on time because the resources assigned to a project are both accountable and competent.  A tpyical portal project can have something like 15-20 different roles.  When I name a top 5 it’s not because I don’t value the other roles, it’s […]