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Requirements Management

Written by Matt Stehling Requirements Overview Requirements, which are interchangeably referred to as “expectations,” encapsulate capabilities and behaviors that a product, system or process must have in order to fulfill a business need or solve a business problem. A requirement is typically classified first into either a functional or non-functional requirement, and from there into […]

BI Tools – Test Fixtures

In order to know the expected “after” of a test, you need to know the “before” (usually!).  Testing in BI requires test fixtures, a defined state of the system in the “before” state.  In BI, this is almost the same as a test data set, but we add in non-data system configurations, user sets, and […]

BI Tools – Requirements Management

The importance of managing requirements and workload for any development team can’t be underestimated. But about 50% of the time I find teams without a plan for capturing and managing requirements given to them by their business stakeholders. A definition: Requirements management tools manage the collection and evolution of functional (business) requirements. Generally they are […]