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Building Better Safety Profiles With Real-World Data & Evidence

The use of real-world data has exploded in recent years and will continue playing a crucial role in 2018. Almost every major pharmaceutical and medical device company conducts real-world studies to build better safety profiles for their products, as well as support initial study findings. Real-world data can come from a variety of sources including […]

[Guide] 2018 Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Industry Trends

Knowing for certain what the future holds is impossible. Trends, on the other hand, are more predictable. In fact, there’s probably no better indicator of emerging or future trends than recent history. That is exactly how we determined the trends we anticipate seeing in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in 2018. This guide does […]

[This Week] Mining The Internet For Safety Signals

Online communities and social networks like Twitter and Facebook have become important real-world data repositories that can be leveraged by life sciences organizations to gain insight into the patient experience, as well as to identify potential safety issues related to drugs and devices – otherwise known as safety signal detection. This week, my colleague, Dr. […]

Leveraging Real-World Data To Develop Better Drug Profiles

  Real-world data, the data generated about drugs and devices in real-world settings (e.g., routing doctor visits, hospital stays, etc.), can help develop more accurate product profiles. This is because the data comes from products that are no longer confined to the smaller, homogenous populations involved in clinical trials. More comprehensive profiles can help better […]

3 Things I Learned From Quintiles’ Earnings Call

  If you’re a follower of our blog, you probably know that I enjoy listening to earnings conference calls. They give you a rare look into a company’s operational successes, and sometimes failures. Just last month, Quintiles held their Q4 2015 Earnings Call, which was full of information that gives color not only to the […]

PAREXEL To Leverage Optum’s Real World Data In Clinical Studies

  If there’s a time for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to seek more real world data as evidence to support their medical products, that time is now. Real world data, which is the data generated in settings such as routine doctor visits and hospital stays, is often found in electronic health records (EHR) and […]

Why Clinical Trial Data Isn’t Enough

  Life sciences organizations are in the business of developing drugs and medical devices. Hitting key milestones and moving trials to the next phase has always been a priority. Throughout this entire process, the collection and analysis of clinical and safety data is essential in taking products to subsequent stages, and ultimately getting them approved […]