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Blockchain Adoption By Industry

One of the mysteries of blockchain lies in its industry applications. While many understand its usage in banking for secure, untampered transactions, innovators are looking to other industries for practical use too, particularly in recording and verifying a high volume of transactions. Here are some less common areas that stand to gain from the influence […]

Please Don’t Tell Me Social Media Doesn’t Work

I was listening to Bloomberg on the radio today and heard a segment that I knew I had to share. I knew I had to share it because it was a topic that continues to be discussed and debated. In fact, I had similar conversations with two business owners in the last two weeks. Social […]

Real Estate Leader Experiences Cloud ROI with AWS

There are very few industries remaining that haven’t been transformed by technology, including real estate, which is largely driven by face-to-face relationships. As consumers embrace technology for the home and rental needs however, real estate firms must change as well. Such was the story of one leading real estate firm specializing in the building of […]