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Azure ARM Template: Create Service Bus Topic with Subscription

The previous article in this series covered how to setup an Azure Resource Group project with ARM Template that creates an Azure Service Bus Namespace. This article build upon the previous, to create an Azure Service Bus Topic with a Subscription to catch all messages. Instead of starting from scratch, this article builds on the […]


Using Event Queue as a Data Pipe

Remote Events Remote events have been part of Sitecore for quite a while. There are built-in events and you can also trigger your own. You queue them up on your CM instance and then receive and re-raise them on the other end of the tunnel – on all your CD instances. I won’t go into […]

FileNet P8 5.2: Highly Scalable Process Architecture

In The Beginning… FileNet created Visual WorkFlo. In the years since, the software improved steadily, but the architecture mostly remained. With the release of version 5.0, IBM had rewritten the entire Process code base in Java; yet it remained wrapped in COM and the macro architecture remained mainly unchanged. Then came P8 5.2, and our […]