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Why Exploratory Testing Is Essential And How To Get It Done

Why Exploratory Testing is Essential and How to Get it Done

Automation may be the most efficient way to execute a test case, but companies will often need to consider unknowns during the testing process, which requires an ability to perform exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is a manual process used to learn as much as possible about a piece of software. It helps to identify risks, […]

How To Build A Culture Of Security Awareness Within A Development Team

How to Build a Culture of Security Awareness within a Development Team

Applications cannot succeed in today’s world without high levels of security built into them, so training software developers to build robust, secure products is essential. Security can be a complicated topic. Many developers would rather learn a new coding language than focus on security practices, so companies must find ways to motivate them and create […]

An Introduction To Data Driven Test Automation

An Introduction to Data-Driven Test Automation

Without exception, all applications and software products should undergo thorough testing before they hit the market, making the testing process an integral part of the software development lifecycle. While there are several ways to approach software testing effectively, data-driven test automation is one of the most valuable and powerful methods to adopt in the current […]

4 Tips For Ensuring Quality In Software Development

4 Tips for Ensuring Quality in Software Development

Believe it or not, it’s near impossible to develop bug-free software. Even the world’s most widely used applications have noticeable defects here and there, despite having large teams of Quality Assurance (QA) experts behind them. It’s a common misconception that QA teams should uncover every single bug through testing. In fact, their main objective is […]

Continuous Performance Testing On A Massive Scale

Continuous Performance Testing on a Massive Scale

The software development outsourcing industry is experiencing a performance revolution, which marks a new level of technological progress in the sector. This dedication to performance is prominent in the American nearshore region, as US-based clients and their customers increasingly demand higher quality software that performs at superior levels of excellence. As demand for software grows, […]

Leveraging Ux Testing For Conversions

Leveraging UX Testing for Conversions

 UX design and business goals should never be at odds when it comes to creating an effective application. But, implementing the right UX design to create a seamless experience for the user that also helps with conversions can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t collecting the right information to understand which elements work best. […]

Creating A Comprehensive Test Automation Strategy For Software Outsourcing

Creating A Comprehensive Test Automation Strategy for Software Outsourcing

When it comes to offshore software development outsourcing, companies need to ensure their software outsourcing partner has a robust automated testing program. It’s vital for all team members, whether outsourced or in-house, to be on the same page and share the same understanding of how testing is meant to impact and improve the product’s overall […]

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation And Reduces Data Processing Time From Days To Minutes

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation and Reduces Data Processing Time from Days to Minutes

Performance Tool Case Study Results  Can process data from several performance robots, including JMeter and Gatling Processes SAR and Perfmon logs Customizable graphics to fit specific requirements Reduces data processing times Easy-to-understand performance graphics and visuals Will integrate machine learning and data analytics to improve predictions Executive Summary Perficient Latin America, a purpose-driven software development outsourcing firm, […]

Automated Security Testing Best Practices

Automated Security Testing Best Practices

Implementing automated security testing throughout the development lifecycle is critical to avoid major problems further down the line. However, when resorting to IT outsourcing, some organizations treat deliverables as separate from their normal pipeline, leading to lax security testing. The problem becomes even more complicated for those organizations that do all their security testing once […]

Spot Your Specialist: Qa Vs. Qe Vs. Sdet

Spot Your Specialist: QA vs. QE vs. SDET

“Why do we test software?” The answers are surprisingly varied. This year’s World Quality Report, however, reveals teams are becoming more user-oriented with customer satisfaction reported as the primary reason for testing software. As the WQR puts it, “IT today is not just about ensuring system availability, functionality, and cost reduction. It is also expected […]

How Reliable Is Automated Security Testing?

How Reliable is Automated Security Testing?

As the Internet of Things expands, software is being embedded in all manner of physical objects. This is boosting the demand for security testing, with automated processes integral to the development pipeline. But not all approaches are created equal. In order for DevSecOps practices to be properly integrated into a product lifecycle, with the right tests […]

5 Lesser Known User Experience Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your App

5 Lesser-Known User Experience Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your App

With the abundance of user feedback available to everyone on app stores, online forums, and social media, your company’s mobile and web apps face continuous scrutiny, meaning that user experience (UX) design more important than ever for maintaining a reputation for quality. There are some common UX design mistakes that are easily avoided, such as […]

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