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Sending and Receiving an event through EventBridge with Multiple Targets

In this context, we will show how to send an event using custom rule and retrieve an event by adding target. Here I have added two targets which is simple pub/sub implementation as Amazon SNS as our publishing service, Amazon SQS as a subscriber and monitor the success event logs using AWS CloudWatch in EVENTBRIDGE. […]


Multiple Keys/Value pair with Custom Filters in Apache Kafka

Introduction: Before I even start talking about Apache Kafka here, is it possible to use list of keys in Kafka? Yes, It’s all possible. In this post, we’ll see how to use multiple keys/value pairs with multiple filters. First create a simple Kafka producer and a Kafka consumer in a Spring Boot application using a […]

Topic Publish – Subscribe Using IBM Integration Designer 8.5

Introduction: Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is a XML-based language used to define enterprise business processes within Web services. BPEL extends the Web services interaction model and enables it to support business transactions. BPEL can be developed to perform multiple activities such as invoking a web service, publishing a message to topic, subscribe for messages […]

JMeter Testing for a Datapower ESB Implementation – Part 1

Introduction When considering testing a Datapower implementation the first tool that is generally mentioned SoapUI. While this is a good tool for a particular aspect of testing, you may need to expand your testing capabilities to include a broader set of concerns. In this blog I’d like to consider an architectural scenario in which I […]

A SOA Journey Using the TOGAF ADM

In a recent blog posting, we provided a guide for standing up and XI52 as an integral component to an enterprise like laboratory environment. This was the beginning several activities, which spawned an idea for a continuing series of articles around IBM SOA appliances, and the use of the The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) […]

eXtreme Scale

eXtreme Scale

Just for curiosity’s sake and this blog, I looked up the definition of ‘cache’ [as used in computer science]. Most sources define it as “…a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster “.  The part about served faster reminded me of an old adage. It goes like this. […]

IIBv9 – Introduction

Peers, it is time to embrace IBM’s Integration Bus v9 aka IIBv9. Many of us are comfortable developing solutions using WebSphere Message Broker [WMB] version 6, 7 and 8. To date, all the projects I’ve worked on at Perficient, clients still used WMB 6/7. However, IBM recently re-branded WMB as Integration Bus. Much of the […]

Perficient “Gets Bold” at IBM Connect 2013

Visit Perficient at IBM Connect 2013. You can download the eBook “Get Bold”, and learn how the enterprise is responding to consumer expectations for engagement via social channels. Perficient partners with organizations to help navigate the social landscape, and design and implement the right technologies, whether it is CMS, portals or e-commerce solutions, to foster social […]

Using Pub/Sub for EAI

If anyone has been around MB as long as I have we can remember the Event Broker which was the pub/sub engine. I’ve been hard-pressed to ever use it for EAI – there have been some specific use-cases but they usually involved large number of clients who were able to self-register. I guess that’s what […]