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Episerver DXP Environment Deployment API PowerShell Scripts – Part 3

In my previous posts, we went over the deployment process in the EpiServer DXP environment. The first post went through the original methods that allow for deployment into the DXP environment. The second post went through update 313, which was a massive deployment API update, as well as how to use the API to export an environmental database, […]

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Episerver DXP Environment Deployment API PowerShell Scripts – Part 2

In my last-post, we went over the deployment process in the EpiServer DXP environment. I mentioned that the next post would be related to using this within Azure DevOps, but I need to make a slight adjustment based on today’s update. As of April 27th, 2020, EpiServer released their weekly update #313, which included a lot […]

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Episerver DXP Environment Deployment API PowerShell Scripts – Part 1

In late-2019, Episerver released one of their Beta programs, which would allow developers the ability to control a DXP environment deployment via an API. This Powershell module is called “EpiCloud”. There have been a few blog posts on how to use these APIs in one-off instances, but none in how to make these into reusable […]

Publishing Items in Sitecore: Order Matters

Content can be published in a variety of ways in Sitecore (Publishing Wizard, via the ribbon, via workflow, per item, etc.). This affords Content Authors and Editors great flexibility in getting content to the web, but it is important to remember that all publishing (out of the box, anyway) is governed by a few basic […]

Sitecore – Unrelated Items Publish When Publishing Item

Colleague Bill Cacy and I have been actively working with Sitecore recently on an issue that has been affecting one of our clients. When publishing a single item in the content tree with Publish related items checked, seemingly unrelated items, all the way up to the Home item, are being published as well.

Publishing Info Stats for Sitecore Items

Publishing information, like who published what and when they published it, isn’t readily available in the Sitecore item information. To find this information we typically have to look into the log.* files. A client requested that publish date and publish author be added to the item information. To accomplish this I found 2 very helpful […]

Follow Up: Amazon Publishing and E-Book Pricing

Last October I posted about Amazon’s foray into book publishing in order to get around fixed pricing agreements on e-books. An example showed the same price for a paperback book as the Kindle e-book, despite the added costs of actually creating the book. Several news sources are reporting that the Department of Justice has looked […]

Form, Function and Business

Today Seth Godin posted a blog about how advances in technology affect incumbent businesses and the ways in which they operate. Mail —> email Books —> ebooks DVD —> YouTube/Netflix 1040 —> Online taxes Visa —> Paypal Open outcry —> Electronic trading Voice call centers —> forums and online chat Direct mail —> permission marketing […]

Amazon’s New Business Model

How did Amazon get its start? The business model originally focused on selling books. Then Amazon moved into general retailing, where it experienced rapid growth and success. Now it is moving in new directions that play to its software strengths – content distribution and creation. Technically, Amazon has always been a content distributor. Authors wrote books […]