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Pubcon South Florida 2018 SEO Track Recap

I had the privilege to speak on Forensic SEO Audits with Alan Bleiweiss at Pubcon Florida in April. Besides Alan’s and my session, there were three other outstanding SEO presentations that I was fortunate enough to attend. Check out the key takeaways and recaps on SEO Auditing, Google’s Mobile-First Indexing, Local SEO, and Entity Optimization […]

SEO Theory vs. Reality: Examining Popular SEO Axioms

Search engine optimization (SEO) started as a discipline of testing and iteration. Most of what was learned came from continuous cycles of trial and error. As the industry grew and matured, the recommendations and advice shared on message boards, forums and later blogs and conferences, congealed with public statements from Google and Bing’s webmaster ambassadors to […]

Introduction to Forensic SEO Investigations

Regardless of how complex or large a website may be, developing and committing to an action plan for full-scale SEO audits is no small task. With hundreds of checklist items to investigate, it’s easy for anyone to get stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis and get overwhelmed with information overload. Through my experience, I’ve […]

Managing Technical SEO Debt

The majority of dev projects fail to meet timelines and budget. As an SEO who’s been part of countless platform migrations and website redesigns, I can recall very few that launched both on time and within the allocated budget. When projects almost inevitably fail, it becomes easy to take shortcuts instead of investing the necessary […]