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How Perficient Employees Slay Impostor Syndrome

As a talent acquisition coordinator at Perficient, I work hard to pursue my personal and professional goals in the office and beyond. However, like many of us, occasionally I confront self-doubt. Just as I start to feel confident, the doubt monster creeps in uninvited. In the past, my rendezvous with these emotions left me disheartened […]

A Study in Personality Tests: The Enneagram Quiz

At the start of 2020, Perficient kicked off its Growth for Everyone campaign with a self-discovery initiative. The first post of the series, A Study in Personality Tests: What Can They Do for You?, explored the psychological and professional benefits of personality tests, while highlighting some of the most influential assessments. To further the discussion, […]

A Study in Personality Tests: What Can They Do For You?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Who am I?”, well, fear not – there’s a test for that. Or more accurately, at least 2,500 of them.  Many of us have taken a personality assessment at some point, perhaps the Myers-Briggs Indicator or a novelty Buzzfeed quiz. Although the alphabet soup of personality tests may have you […]