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Image of arrow icons illustrating opposing directions of organizational change.

6 Areas That Stall Organizational Change

In 1987, Mary Lippitt released a change management model that beautifully illustrated five key areas for organizational change. In 2000, Tommy Knoster extended Lippitt’s concept and included a sixth area of importance: consensus. It is now referred to as the Lippitt-Knoster Model for Managing Complex Change.

Joey Klein Embraces Innovation through Atlassian Offerings

Two of Perficient’s core values are clients and innovation, and the two seamlessly integrate with one another. Without clients, we wouldn’t have as many opportunities to innovate, but without innovation, we wouldn’t maintain the clientele we have. Joey Klein, senior solutions architect, works within our Atlassian practice and is able to quickly solve problems for […]

Manage Projects -like a Goal Keeper

While watching my daughter’s field hockey team compete last weekend, I came to realize that a project manager might learn a lot from a goalkeeper. To be a successful goalie, you need to approach goal tending just as a project manager might manage a project – as a leader, and with a practiced process. Let […]