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Simplify – One of the Lessons I Learned as a Paramedic

Being a paramedic during the formative years of my working life, I’ve been surprised at how many of the lessons that I learned on the job have translated to the business world. “Paramedics save lives. EMTs save paramedics.” This was a saying that was often repeated in my tenure in EMS, and it was true. […]

Leadership: A Vote of Confidence

Whether your professional life resides in an Accounts Receivable atmosphere or not, leadership is critical. A common misconception about collections or accounts receivable is that it’s strictly all about the numbers. While on the surface it may look like that, the reality is that leadership and communications experts are at work and the byproduct is […]

5 ways learning to code can improve your life

  My first crack at writing computer code came when computers were sofa-sized and the term “web” applied mainly to spiders. At my high school, programming was the alternative elective to woodworking and home economics. It wasn’t popular; throughout my four years there, I could count on my fingers and toes the total number of […]

What it Takes to Build a Successful Career in Health IT

In a video interview I recently recorded with Steven Scott, general manager of our healthcare practice, and Martin Sizemore, principal of healthcare strategy, we discussed the reasons why someone should consider a career at Perficient within our healthcare team. These reasons to build your career here are also strong factors for working in healthcare IT […]

There are No Problems. Only Opportunities

There are No Problems – Only Opportunities

Language is powerful and can completely set the tone within your environment whenever you are pleased or frustrated. After only a few days of working at Perficient, I began to notice something very different about the language that was used in each conversation that I had. The difference? Nobody used the word “problem.” If we, […]