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Image of a man ignoring the loud urgency of a boy screaming into a megaphone.

The Eisenhower Quadrants of Productivity

I’ve been using the Eisenhower Quadrants of Productivity with my teams for many years now. You may also hear it called the “Eisenhower Decision Matrix” or the “Eisenhower Box”. It is a method that helps people understand the differences between “urgent” and “important” tasks. You can use it to create principles on how to best […]

Treat the Asthma, but forget about the GYN exam?

By Lesli Adams, MPA Director, Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) Statistical Brief was just released showing that as a total society (the whole, entire USA), Women are mostly likely to be seen for Asthma/COPD, then Upper Respiratory, then Pregnancy, and then Mental Disorders.  Private payors payed more than 50% of […]