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The Art of Presentations

If you’ve ever been to a meeting, then chances are you have sat through at least one bad presentation. A presentation that contains a series of slides with so much text that nobody can actually read it. A presenter that takes the time to go through every bit of that text on all 40 slides. Content so bland that it […]

AMA Iowa Presentation: Responsive Web Design

On April 3rd at 11:30am CST, I’ll be presenting at AMA Iowa on the topic of Responsive Web Design. If you’re in the Des Moines area on that day, and would like to attend, I’d love to see you there. Registration details are below.

Data Visualization, Less is More

As stated previously, I’m a big fan of focusing on the persuasive aspects of your presentations and reports. After all, the power of data is to trigger an improvement or optimization to the benefit of a client or business. A significant portion of a persuasive argument is backing up your recommendations with solid insights drawn […]

The Recipe to a Powerful Presentation Includes an Engaging Story

If you’re like me, you spend what feels like a decent portion of your professional life creating and compiling presentations. Or perhaps you’re like the other half of the professional world where a lot of your time is spent listening to those presentations. I reflect back on conferences I’ve been to which are often a […]

Picture Superiority in Presentations

In my last post I introduced the subject of 10/20/30 Rules for Presentations from Guy Kawasaki. The theme was to avoid text heavy slides, and simplify everything down to make comprehension easier for the audience. It’s a fairly simple set of rules: 10 pages, 20 minutes, and no font smaller than 30 points. But it’s […]

The 10/20/30 Rule of Presentations

How many of you have been in a presentation this month that has included a slide so packed with information, that you either tuned it out entirely, or weren’t able to finish reading it before the page was flipped? I’m referencing, of course, the all-too-common slide with 100+ words, some bullets, footnotes and sources, all […]