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CFO Performance Insight – Déjà vu?

Recently, I attended the IBM Vision conference in Orlando. At the conference, I watched a presentation on what our friends at IBM are calling one of their “signature solutions”: CFO Performance Insight. This reminded me of various blog posts of mine, such as: Reengineering the Forecasting Process with Predictive Models (Nov 2nd 2012) and Forecasting […]

Agility in Analytics

Of the Conventional Analytics Mind   Using a conventional mindset, data ponds are identified and analyzed to build predictive models: Data ponds are identified for evaluation Data scientist performs detailed descriptive analysis Based upon the descriptive analysis a “outcome of interest” is established Using established guidelines a modeling technique is carefully chosen A predictive model […]

Automated Data Preparation (ADP) IBM SPSS Statistics Base

Automated Data Preparation (ADP)   The seasoned data scientist knows that probably the single most import step in creating a predictive model is pinpointing the appropriate “data pond” and ensuring that it is properly “prepared”. I’ve written about the many “out of the box” tools that SPSS users can use to manage data, such as […]