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What is a Center of Excellence? – White Paper

If you have been reading any of my earlier posts, you’ll know that I am always happy to evangelize the concept of a practice or organization “Center of Excellence” – or “CoE”. I believe that the establishment of and commitment to a practice CoE shows that an organization is committed to continuous improvement and ultimately, […]

Characteristics of a Subject Matter Expert

I’ve found that an integral part of any practice will be subject matter experts (or “SME’s”) that can provide assistance and direction to engineers who are in the field.  SMEs will often be asked to review, improve, and approve technical work; to guide others; and to teach. Where does an SME come from? SME’s will […]

Your Approach to a Center of Excellence

The most effective approach to establishing a center of excellence within an organization is to start on a smaller scale, with very specific and very realistic goals defined. A famous saying can be applied here “it is not a destination, but rather a journey…” This will be true of every successful CoE imitative. Mistakes and […]

The 10 Commandments of a Successful Center of Excellence

    An organizations center of excellence may begin as an “informal body” comprised of experienced and knowledgeable personnel from the practice, but over time, the COE should get additional powers on the basis of noted contributions to successful projects and receive additional funding to expand the scope of its operations. The following are the […]