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Visualization options with Microsoft

I’ve been speaking to a lot of clients lately about the visualization capabilities of the Microsoft BI platform and want to clarify a point of confusion. When building an enterprise analytics platform you will be faced with several decisions around architecture as well as delivery. The architectural options will be vetted by your IT department, […]

Power View Differences between Excel 2013 and SharePoint 2013

I knew that there were differences between Power View in desktop Excel and Power View as run from SharePoint. But I recently felt the impact of this for the first time. The first confusing point I found was, the Export to Power Point function only works for reports created in Power View in SharePoint Server. […]

Webinar – Office 365’s Power BI: Self-Service BI Using SharePoint

In recent months, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Power BI, the new cloud-centric BI front end tool set from Microsoft. Available to Office 365 SharePoint Online users, Power BI is a compelling new offering with advanced collaborative BI capabilities. Power BI includes PowerPivot, PowerView, Power Map, and Power Query. While these tools […]

Installation and Verification steps for SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services in Tabular Mode

  If you are new to SQL Server 2012 like me, you might run into some issues when you are trying to create some Tabular Model projects.A Tabular Model is simply a new type of server mode in SQL Server 2012. It utilizes a new storage mode known as the Vertipaq storage engine that enables […]