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PowerShell: Count Property Returns Nothing

I was working on a a PowerShell script the other day and needed to do something I’ve done many times before with no trouble: count the items in a directory. In the past, I’ve gone about this in one of two ways: (Get-Item $Directory).GetFiles().Count (Get-ChildItem $Directory).Count For this particular solution, I needed the number of […]

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Prevent IIS from Terminating Your Debugging Session

One of the most irritating things that can happen while you’re debugging is this message: When you sit at any one breakpoint for too long (longer than the ping maximum response time), this error will appear and terminate your session. If you’re anything like me and my fellow team members, you’ll blindly click “OK” and […]

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Map a Crawled Property to Managed Properties (FS4SP – PowerShell)

  What we are doing: 1.) Create a Managed Property from a Crawled Property Managed Properties are great! FAST pulls and indexes Managed Properties for multitudes of things, including boosting and search scopes. They are core to your FAST User Experience and an essential part to configuration When a FAST crawl runs, it will pick […]

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Creating User Contexts, Customizing User Context Properties, and Site Promotions from PowerShell (FAST for SharePoint)

PowerShell is a powerful tool when combined with FAST. When dealing with a large site collection with multitudes of taxonomies and sites underneath it, promoting sites and keeping user contexts from environment to environment can be a long and taxing job, especially when you are working with the SharePoint/FAST UI. Luckily, this is where PowerShell […]

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Activate Office365 users via Powershell

With general availability of Office365 in the horizon, new features are being activated every day. One such long-awaited feature is activating users via Powershell instead of from the portal site. To do so follow these steps: Download the MSOL services module from here: http://onlinehelp.microsoft.com/en-us/Office365-enterprises/ff652560.aspx Connect to office 365 with following commandlets $cred = get-credential (enter […]

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Powershell Cmdlet for FAST Search Document Removal

On a project I’m currently on, we had a scenario where we needed to support being able to quickly remove potentially many documents from the FAST Search index. Unfortunately, the FAST web administration only allows you to delete one document at a time, which would definitely not be suitable for our scenario. We had a […]

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Importing PST Files Using PowerShell in Exchange 2010 SP1 Overwrites Folder Permissions

Background Jaap Wesselius has an excellent post explaining how to use PowerShell to import and export PST files using the new functionality built into Exchange 2010 SP1. Jaap’s post can be found here: http://www.simple-talk.com/sysadmin/exchange/importing-psts-with-powershell-in-exchange-2010-sp1/. While testing this functionality for one of my customers, I discovered that importing a PST file into the root of a […]

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Install Nintex Workflow 2010 Feature to All Webs in a Site Collection

OOTB, Nintex Workflow 2010 requires activation of the site collection feature after installation of the product, and then activation of site features on each and every site within the applicable site collection. This is done such that the Nintex Workflow Designer is available on each of these sites. For small site collections this is fine, […]

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