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Create a Scheduled Task to Run PowerShell Script with Sitecore Task Scheduler

We learned about how to create a Sitecore task scheduler in the previous article Create a scheduled task in Sitecore. In this article, we will learn about to Sitecore task scheduler using PowerShell Script For Example, To unpublish some Sitecore items after a certain date at a certain time. Consider, we have a PowerShell script […]

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Using PowerShell Scripts to Help the Client Make Informed Decisions

Every week, you buy broccoli at the grocery store to make for the family dinner. If you knew that 3 of your 5 family members didn’t like broccoli and never ate it, would you still buy it every week? If your client constantly funnels effort towards a component that was rarely used or in a […]

Understanding CRUD Operations in Dataverse with a PowerShell Script

Accessing Dataverse using PowerShell is helpful while data migration. This blog will provide you with the necessary links for creating and registering an app in Azure Active Directory (AD), as well as adding the app user to your environment. We’ll also go through how to use PowerShell to create, read, update, and delete a record […]