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Hybrid Analytics in Healthcare with O365 & Power BI Webinar Recap

Last week, we had our Microsoft last business intelligence focused webinar of the year, “Hybrid Analytics in Healthcare: Leveraging Power BI and Office 365 to Make Smarter Business Decisions.”  Heidi Rozmiarek, Assistant Director of IT Development for UnityPoint Health, spoke, along with our Microsoft BI team, on implementing an analytics platform in a hybrid environment.  […]

Visualization options with Microsoft

I’ve been speaking to a lot of clients lately about the visualization capabilities of the Microsoft BI platform and want to clarify a point of confusion. When building an enterprise analytics platform you will be faced with several decisions around architecture as well as delivery. The architectural options will be vetted by your IT department, […]

Webinar – Office 365’s Power BI: Self-Service BI Using SharePoint

In recent months, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Power BI, the new cloud-centric BI front end tool set from Microsoft. Available to Office 365 SharePoint Online users, Power BI is a compelling new offering with advanced collaborative BI capabilities. Power BI includes PowerPivot, PowerView, Power Map, and Power Query. While these tools […]

Data Discovery – Part 3 – Product Offerings

The last in the series about Data Discovery tools discusses the current product offerings.Links to previous posts in the series. (Visual) Data Discovery ( Beauty or a Beast ? ) Data Discovery – Part 2 – Use Cases Lets look at the features that are most useful for a data discovery platform and then identify […]

SQL Server 2012 Provides New BI Capabilities

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Code Name Denali) was just released. It has a new Business Intelligence (BI) edition, a new licensing model, and some new BI features that business users as well as developers should find interesting. Users will be happy to find that Microsoft has moved a step closer to true self service BI […]

Ad-hoc reporting with SQL Server 2012

As the virtual launch of SQL Server 2012 draws near, I receive more and more requests for demos. This doesn’t really surprise me however considering the new enhancements really do show well. So in an effort to spread the mindshare here is a nice overview of the ad-hoc reporting capabilities of PowerPivot and Power View. […]

Additional SSAS Instance Installations in SQL Server 2012 (RC0)

Overview Please check out the other blogs in the series related to setting up each of the main SQL Server 2012 features. Links to each of the related blogs are shown below. Installation Order: SQL Server 2012 (RC0) Business Intelligence Configuration SQL Server 2012 (RC0) Installation and Configuration SharePoint 2010 Installation for SQL Server 2012 […]

SQL Server 2012 (RC0) PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 Configuration

Overview If you do not already have SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot and SharePoint 2010 installed please check out one of the earlier blogs in this series. All of the blogs in the series are listed below. If you did not follow the SharePoint 2010 Installation for SQL Server 2012 blog then your PowerPivot configuration might […]

Installation and Verification steps for SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services in Tabular Mode

  If you are new to SQL Server 2012 like me, you might run into some issues when you are trying to create some Tabular Model projects.A Tabular Model is simply a new type of server mode in SQL Server 2012. It utilizes a new storage mode known as the Vertipaq storage engine that enables […]

2012 Microsoft Self-Service BI

Expanding on “Microsoft BI –No More Excuses”, I recently updated Denali SQL 2012 (Community Technology Preview CTP3) on my demo machine to work with Microsoft’s latest Self-Service BI (SSBI) tools. The result is a MS 2012 Denali SSBI demo and presentation available now from Perficient’s National MS BI team. Below are the highlights of the full blog […]

Problem installing PowerPivot on SharePoint server with existing SQL components

If you happen to install PowerPivot on a SharePoint server that has prior SQL Server installation (SQL engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services etc.) you will run into problems.   You may see error that the installation was unable to register Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SharePoint.Integration.dll assembly. Or if you are really lucky, you may get by far more helpful […]

Take Your Day Back With PowerPivot

Microsoft recently released a free Excel 2010 add-in which uses PowerPivot to analyze your schedule from your Outlook calendar. The add in, named Calendar Analytics Tool, has two main benefits. The first is that it is extremely useful (and cool). By using the familiar Excel pivot table functionality, including Slicers, you have the ability to […]

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