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Create a React app that shows PowerBI data using REST

Intro Many times a client wants some sort of customized view of the data they have in PowerBI. The truth is, as powerful as it is PowerBI, like all BI tools, offer limited customizability. However, PowerBI comes with a powerful RESTful interface that we can use to show the underlying data however we wish. This […]

Visualize the Weather Data from Hive with PowerBI

In this blog, I will be describing how to configure the PowerBI Desktop connection to Hive instantly on Hadoop and visualize Hive data using Microsoft Power BI. The Hive ODBC Driver, along with direct SQL and HiveSQL, is used to access the Apache Hadoop/Hive distributions. This enables the Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and reporting functions […]

Ignite 2015 Recap – Top 3 Sessions to Replay

Welcome back from a great Ignite Conference! By now, I hope everyone knows that the conference recordings are posted to channel9, a section of MSDN. Microsoft does a great job of recording and publishing all of this content quickly, its pretty awesome. One of my biggest challenges at the conference was knowing which session to […]

10 Best Microsoft Office 365 Features For 2015

As we end 2014, I wanted to look back¬†at some of the great Office 365¬†feature releases of 2014. Not all of these features are fully rolled out, some are still in preview, while others we will see in early 2015. Earlier this year, Microsoft finally gave us the Office 365 Roadmap where we can now […]