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Acceptability Equals Mobility

The Case For Involving Treating Physicians In Subject Recruitment

Clinical Leader recently published an article in which the author and a representative of Pfizer made some really interesting points about the role of treating physicians in clinical subject recruitment. The typical approach to recruitment is to target patients directly. On the surface, this approach may seem patient- or customer-centric, but when you look a […]

Life Sciences Is Not Immune To The Age Of The Customer

This is the second post in a series about applying customer experience (CX) principles to life sciences. In the first post, I discussed a critical underpinning concept for the blog series related to how “customers” are defined in life sciences. Here’s a quick recap: Since patients don’t typically buy their medications or medical devices directly […]

Applying The Concept Of Customer Experience (CX) To Life Sciences

My colleagues in Perficient Digital, Perficient’s in-house digital agency, recently published a fantastic guide about customer experience (CX). While the guide focuses primarily on retail customers, a lot of the advice it contains can be quite helpful for life sciences, so I thought I’d take a stab at translating it for you. Now, in full […]

Top 5 Life Sciences Blog Posts From October 2016

Now that November is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in October – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. Pharma Reps Continue To Struggle […]

Pharma Reps Continue To Struggle To Get Face Time With Physicians

A new study found that pharmaceutical sales reps are finding it more difficult to meet with physicians in person. Compared to 2008, when nearly 80% of physicians agreed to meet with most reps, now: 44% of physicians are “accessible,” meaning they meet with more than 70% of sales reps who pursue them 38% of physicians […]

McKinsey Discusses Impact Of Healthcare Changes On Pharma

In a recent blog post, I mentioned the three critical themes for success in the digital age, as identified by McKinsey & Company through interviews with 20 pharma executives: 

Digital Health For Doctors: Is There Enough Time For It?

  I normally don’t bother reading (consciously, at least) the comments section of news articles because they’re often full of spam or disgruntled readers. But, one particular comment posted for a Wall Street Journal article caught my eye. The article was discussing the increased use of mobile apps in clinical practice. 

Survey Says: Patients Like Being Involved In Clinical Trials

  Several months ago I posted Why Don’t I See Ads For Clinical Trials?, a piece in which I questioned just that. In a society where healthcare is always front and center, how is it that most of us are still unaware of our options when it comes to participating in clinical research? 

Disseminating Health Information Through Twitter

Last week my co-blogger Liza Sisler (@lizasisler) shared a great story about the power of Twitter in connecting people and ideas. As a straightforward one-to-many messaging service, Twitter offers a lot of different ways to disseminate knowledge. I think one of the most compelling use cases is in helping experts share information with non-experts–on Twitter, […]

Physicians use of social media

I recently met with a group of physicians to discuss connecting to communities and use of social media (SM). There was agreement for the need and indeed a desire to communicate and interact more frequently with patients. There was agreement on the need to use tools that many in the community are using to interact […]