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Top Five Questions about PV Hawk and a Webinar Wrap-Up

Earlier in the month, we introduced an innovative solution for PV Safety Surveillance in a webinar. We even had 22 reasons to attend the webinar. If you found yourself answering yes to things like “I hate the flat reports we get that makes it impossible to interpret the data” then revisiting the webinar recording is […]


22 Reasons To Attend Thursday’s Pharmacovigilance Surveillance Webinar

The challenge with all pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance is that it’s quite complicated. There is a lot of data and very few technical solutions that make analyzing safety data relatively simple. That’s where Perficient comes in. Join me, Kari Blaho-Owens, Ph.D., Director of Pharmacovigilance and Safety, Perficient, on February 6, 2020, at 10 AM CT, […]

What The Three Little Pigs Taught Me About Pharmacovigilance Analytics

The pain points and the reality of safety surveillance within a sound risk management program are daunting. The expanded pharmacovigilance analytics (PV) landscape, geography, product type, and most importantly, regulatory changes are important considerations. Like the plague, risk management and drug surveillance panic spread quickly. How to keep up and have a meaningful understanding of […]