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Why You Should be Using the Principal Permissions View in AEM

Before AEM 6.5, we really only had one UI to manage user permissions.  That’s not to say we couldn’t go to the JCR directly and set ACLs, but the user admin screen was just simpler. For instance, take this example from the classic user admin console. Typically, this meant that we would check the root […]

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Creating a quick admin script to run within Sitecore

Not exactly the most glorious post for the first from our Sitecore blog, but nevertheless, the team asked for it so here it is. There are occasions where a developer needs to create some simple page to run “against” items contained within a Sitecore database.  This can be used to modify items in the content […]

SharePoint 2007 Permissions –Creating Permissions for New Sites

SharePoint 2007 Permissions –Creating Permissions for New Sites Introduction Managing SharePoint permissions can be a tricky subject to fully grasp.On one hand, the ease of point and clicking your way to adding users to sites, lists, and even list items is quite easy to do perform in SharePoint 2007.On the other hand, understanding the implications […]