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2012 Microsoft ‘Denali’ SSBI – Breaking Barriers

Expanding on “Microsoft BI –No More Excuses”, I recently updated Denali SQL 2012 (Community Technology Preview CTP3) on my demo machine to work with Microsoft’s latest Self-Service BI (SSBI) tools. The result is a MS 2012 Denali SSBI demo and presentation available now from Perficient’s National MS BI team. Below are highlights for 2012 MS […]

BI from the trenches… Mmmm tasty!

OK, let’s explore one of the fundamental reasons why different user groups in our organization need different tools from the SharePoint BI stack.  It boils down to the ‘degree’ of self-service functionality they are comfortable/capable of using.  Several years ago the promise of ‘pervasive BI’ meant the information worker would not only have all core […]